Awards: Received the 2022 Best Delivery Flexibility Award

     We have received “the 2022 Best Delivery Flexibility Award" from Sony Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. We are very honored to receive this recognition for responding to changes in forecast information, having the most flexibility, and being able to supply the required quantities in a timely manner.

    We will continue to do our best to contribute to the business expansion of our business partners by anticipating changes in the business environment and responding to their requests.


                                  Left       Sony Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd.  Mr. Amamiya, Managing Director

                                  Center    Nissei Technology (Vietnam) Ltd.         Mr. Ajikawa, General Manager

                                  Right       Nissei Technology (Vietnam) Ltd.         Mr. Hung, Sales Manager    


Plaque of “the 2022 Best Delivery Flexibility Award”